Transform any bike into an eBike in one click.

Developed in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, the high-performance and engineering division of the Oracle Red Bull Racing F1 team


Starting from £1,395

We recognised from the outset that partnering with Skarper on this project was a natural fit for Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Our shared commitment to pushing the limits aligned perfectly to create Skarper's remarkable compact drive system, a true engineering breakthrough. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Skarper's ground-breaking innovation enrich the cycling experience, offering riders an exhilarating and

Andy Damerum
Commercial Development Officer
of Red Bull Advanced Technologies


and flexible e-Bikes for everyone.

Light and powerful

All-in-one motor and battery drive unit: compact & powerful for a super smooth ride.

Click on. Cycle off

From bike to eBike and back again in seconds: engineering that is intuitive, lightweight and simple to use.

Any bike. Your way

Freedom to choose:
install on any bike with a disc brake.

Introducing the

new era of e-Bikes

Your bike. Your choice

Simply replace your rear disc rotor with DiskDrive® and transform any disc brake bike into a high performance eBike.

Click on.
Cycle off.

In just a click, your eBike is ready.
Freedom with no compromise.
High performance engineering that
is compact, lightweight and simple to use.

Click OFF.

The eBike in your bag.
Lightweight, compact
and easy to detach in just a click,
you can carry your Skarper with you.

A new era of eBike drive systems has arrived.

An ultralight, clip-on drive system technology, DiskDrive® avoids the many limitations of existing eBike drive systems.

DiskDrive® is the first fully enclosed, wire- free drive system that seamlessly integrates into your bicycle with no modification required to the frame or wheels, and without compromise on performance.

With DiskDrive®, cyclists have the freedom to create their own ultimate eBike. From make, model and style of frame to component selection, adding electric power is just a click away and not a limiting factor.


״This partnership with Skarper demonstrates how F1 expertise can help to improve everyday technology for the benefit of the public״

״People will now have the freedom and flexibility to choose whenever they want electric assistance.״

״The disk behaves exactly as a normal disk without any compromise on performance or function”

״The clever part is the gearbox contained within Skarper’s ‘DiskDrive’ replacement rear brake disc”

״The system should allow you to switch from bike to e-bike in a pretty straightforward fashion, eliminating the need for a dedicated electric bike."

״Six-time Olympic and 11-time World Champion cyclist Sir Chris Hoy is a shareholder in the business and has been part of the development process from the outset.״

״May Be the Best That Money Will Buy״

Chris Hoy

Skarper DiskDrive®
technology is A


e-Bikes are no longer bulky and heavy. With Skarper, everyone can now own a high-performance and flexible e-Bike.

Sir Chris Hoy
Six-time Olympic Champion
11-time World Champion



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